3)  Supplementary Services

The following services can be purchased alongside, or instead of, the services described above:

  1. Advocacy services for those seeking funding from the NDIS or State Government schemes
  2. Assessments of the effectiveness of non-behavioural interventions (e.g., psychotropic medication, special diets, sensory integrative therapy, chelation therapy)
  3. Expedited diagnostic assessments from a developmental paediatrician, clinical psychologist and speech-language therapist
  4. Functional assessments of challenging behaviour with only recommendations for intervention
  5. Lectures (up to 2 hours) to groups interested in ABA or ASD
  6. Supervision of clinical work toward BACB-exam eligibility (e.g., BCaBA, BCBA)
  7. Twelve-hour workshops on ASD, ABA & EIBI for groups of three or more
  8. Behavioural assessments and interventions for problem behaviour in animals (e.g., dogs, cats, birds, horses)